You will need to install the following apps on your smartphone. Please search for them in the App Store from your smartphone.


Used for calls

All calls received and placed will go through the SangomaConnect app, therefore you will not be using your own personal cell phone plan.

All calls placed from the app will be originating from FIAF, using FIAF’s plan and your FIAF phone number. Your FIAF phone number will show on the end receiver’s phone and not your personal phone number.

Switchvox Chat

Used to switch your availability status and for voicemail.

It displays all messages on individual lines so you won’t have to call your voicemail and lose time listening to each message, one after the other.

Changing Status

To change your status

Click on the little symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your phone (Please see circled image).

Clicking Available

  • Calls means your calls will ring to your desk phone.
  • Home Office means your calls will ring to your cell phone.

Dialing Instructions

Dialing EXTERNAL phone numbers:

Dial “1”

Before dialing any external phone number both on your hard phone at the office or on the SangomaConnect app on your cell.

Dial the 3 digits of any user’s extension number directly (No need to dial “1” first).

Dialing INTERNAL phone numbers:

Dial 011 + country code + phone number.

(e.g., 011 33 658406078)