Nonprofit Technology Vendor in NJ

We want to help you!

You help to change lives. You help to improve lives. We want to help you.

One of our important goals at F8 Consulting is to serve as a technology resource for our community, especially the wonderful nonprofit organizations that serve it. F8 Consulting is committed to helping these organizations use technology to enable its employees to focus on tasks more closely aligned to their charitable goals. Utilizing efficient server and system designs and taking full advantage of manufacturers’ discounts enables us to work within the tightest budgets.

We are proud to offer the following discounts to all tax-exempt organizations:

  • ​​​​​F8 Consulting Server Donation Program
  • Hardware discounts
  • Software discounts
  • Additional quantity discounts for nonprofits
  • ​​​​​Discounted rates for labor on select service contracts

Server Donation Program

What’s our latest effort to be of service to nonprofits?

F8 Consulting will donate a server to your organization when you sign a contract for Managed Services or other selected service contract.